Caterer And Event Services

Custom Menus


We  will work with you to design a menu to perfectly meet your vision and dietary preferences.  Please allow a month or a minimum of 7 days for all orders. For Full Service Catering and  Wedding Catering best results and planning for larger events, allow as much notice as possible, months or a year in advance is recommended to secure your date. 

Service Styles



We provide stationary or passed appetizers.

We provide dinner service in the form of buffet, family style, and plated meals or any combination of the three.

BUFFET: guests serve themselves from a stationary spread.
This requires the least number of servers.

FAMILY STYLE: dinner is served to each table on large serving platters, from which guests serve themselves, creating a communal, “family” experience.

PLATED: dinner is served individually to each guest based on menu choices, which have been selected by guests prior to the event. This requires the most servers and cooks to properly execute.

We are well-versed in each style and are happy to talk with you about the merits of each and how they might fit within your vision and budget.

Setup and Breakdown



We will discuss the set up price point  and breakdown strategy with you ahead of time, as needs will vary for each event. Much of the set up and breakdown needs will be dictated by your venue, floor plan, service type, and how much or how little work you want to do! You may opt to handle all or portions of the set up and breakdown yourself, but more commonly we will arrive a few hours ahead of time to handle set up completely, and can stay until then very end of the evening, after the music is off and guests have departed in order to breakdown at that time. 

Set up can include:· Unwrapping and sorting all rentals. · Placing tablecloths and place settings and chairs according to a layout provided by the client or wedding planner.· Placing  , setting up the bar and glassware. 
·Placing and setting up appetizer, buffet, dessert, and coffee tables as applicable. Breakdown and clean up can include:· Clearing all rental dishes, silverware, and glassware, and rinsing and restacking these items according to rental policies. Removing and bagging linens.  Placing any table flowers or centerpieces to the side for you to collect.  Re-bagging or re-stacking chairs.· Folding up tables. · Picking up all catering generated trash and hauling according to venue policies.  Leaving all rental items in a pre-arranged location for pick up. 




We’ve found that there is not a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to creating your menu. While we have our favorite dishes and signature styles, each menu we propose is personalized and customized for your specific event, so we do not have any standard menus or prices to share. We  will work to create a custom menu and quote for your event that is inline with your vision and budget.

Due to this level of customization there are many factors that may contribute to your final cost, including food costs, distance of your venue from our kitchen in Appleton, what (if any) kitchen equipment is available at your venue, what style of dining you choose, how many servers and cooks are needed based on your menu, and more.

The elements that will compose your final cost will include:

FOOD. Our food costs account for the raw ingredients and the many hours of prep work that goes into handmaking each piece of your menu in the time leading up to your event. Please remember that we create you menu based on your wants and cost can vary greatly!

LABOR. For the day of the event labor is billed per staff member, per hour. Billable hours include travel, set up, service, and breakdown. Based on your event, menu, and location you may require anywhere from 6 – 14 hours of labor (10 hours is about average!). We can be there from the very beginning to the very end of your event and provide service throughout, or if you’ve got set up covered just come in for food service, or anything in between. Your labor needs will be discussed prior to submitting your quote.