Lisa C. from Maine

 Kathy is super easy to work with and delicious food! She catered my wedding this past June. Beautiful presentation and yummmmmmy!!  

Kim S. from Maine

  We bought your chicken potpie for the first time at United Farmers Market  and it was THE VERY BEST we've ever had (sorry, mom and foodie friends!!!!) I'll be calling to ask if you are creating items for holiday buying (we think a potpies will make an awesome Christmas gift!) Thank you, Kathy's Kitchen!  

Ann L. from Vermont

   I asked Kathy  to cook some meals for me based on a quite strict elimination diet. The meals I have received are awesome! Can't wait to see whats for dinner each night. She has a business, Kathy's kitchen. She prepares meals that can be frozen and heated or can be eaten same day. Give her meals a try. You will be amazed and guaranteed you will be licking the plate! Thank you, Kathy for making my horrible diet so yummy!!